Enjoy star performance

Incredibly small, big on style, Siemens Life is designed to fit you and your life with complete ease. Soft and flexible, its ergonomically shaped transparent LifeTube fits simply and comfortably on the ear. It has no hard or sensitive parts, so it is suitable for most wearers. Its tiny form sits discreetly behind the ear.

Designed to deliver superb sound quality, Siemens Life gives you the flexibility to choose between automatic or programmable push button operation. Plus, its open-fitting concept eliminates the muffled effect you might feel with other hearing instruments.

Tinnitus control feature

The ideal option for people who want to control tinnitus, Siemens Life helps manage the condition at the same time as improving hearing. By emitting a therapy signal that can be precisely set to suit you, it diverts attention from the annoying effects of tinnitus and makes it easier to focus on external sounds, reducing strain and helping provide a more peaceful state of mind.

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A constant stream of enjoyment


Siemens miniTek was named Bluetooth® SIG Best of CES Next Category Award Winner and Bluetooth® SIG Best of CES Fan Favorite Award Winner.

Siemens miniTek® and Tek® offer state-of-the-art wireless connectivity to a variety of Bluetooth® technology-enabled devices like cell phones, MP3 players, your computer, TV, and other electronic devices. Hear your electronic devices directly through your hearing aids in true stereo, at your preferred volume, without disturbing others.

VoiceLink™, a combination Bluetooth® transmitter and separate microphone, streams a companion’s voice directly to miniTek. The wearer can hear speech as if they were standing only inches apart, which is especially useful in noisy environments like restaurants, meeting rooms, or group gatherings.

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Style matters


Siemens Life’s exchangeable housings are chic and stylish. Choose from a range of natural colors designed to match a variety of hair and skin tones for a discreet, yet stylish look.



Enjoy life’s true sound



To give you the most natural hearing possible, Siemens Life is equipped with the newest version of BestSound™ Technology, a complete revolution in audiological engineering that delivers comfortable, clear, and natural sound quality. You‘re likely to forget you‘re wearing hearing aids.

For many people wearing a hearing instrument for the first time, some sounds can seem too loud or harsh. BestSound Technology’s enhanced functionality tailors the sound experience to the way you want to hear, by adjusting the sound to a level that feels natural for you so that you can enjoy hearing effortlessly. Great for experienced users and first-time wearers alike, Siemens Life learns and adjusts automatically, memorizing how you like to hear in different environments and adjusts when it detects those situations again. And with its directional microphone, you’ll hear what’s important, comfortably and clearly, no matter where sound is coming from.

The more experienced you become, the more Siemens Life grows with you, offering additional functions such as more power, user-definable settings and directionality. So whateverit is, whether it’s a quiet chat or your favorite concert, you can be sure of a perfect performance.