Motion xcel custom - hearing aid range
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The custom solutions made for individuals.

Motion™ XCEL custom delivers all the functionality of a BTE in an ITE hearing instrument. Combining reliability and exceptional audiological quality in an extremely compact design, it is an excellent choice – especially for first-time users. What’s more, it is the only line of ITE hearing instruments on the market to offer full wireless functionality in all shell sizes – even CIC.

Discreet Design

  • Available as ITE, ITC and CIC
  • Optional programmable push button
  • TwinMic System™
  • Available in 5 different skin tones

Premium Performance

  • Available on all performance levels from 701 XCEL down to 101 XCEL
  • FeedbackStopper™
  • SoundSmoothing™
  • e2e wireless™ 2.0
  • Speech and noise management
  • eWindScreen™