Essential features for a broad range of wearers.

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Broad selection of colors

Orion caters to all trends and tastes. The Orion BTE instruments offer full flexibility: Their top shells can easily be exchanged and the wearers can choose from a variety of colors and customizable combinations. The custom instruments come in five skin tone colors selected to blend in discreetly with the ear.


Tinnitus therapy feature

Orion’s tinnitus therapy feature effectively distracts wearers from tinnitus with a noise type that can be fine-tuned and fused with the microphone signal, providing the appropriate solution for fast and individual relief in almost any situation.

The tinnitus therapy feature in detail:

  • Separate therapy signal generator
  • One pre-programmed noise type: White noise
  • Individual fine-tuning of noise program for up to four bands
  • Three operating modes: Microphone signal only, tinnitus
    noiser function only, mixed mode

Optivent – For the perfect fit.

Orion custom features Optivent: A ventilation strategy that provides optimum sound quality and speech understanding while ensuring the smallest possible instrument size. The customized shape of the vent improves resistance to feedback and prevents the occlusion effect while offering a high level of wearing comfort.

Wireless connectivity

With the convenient and easy-to-use ePen and easyPocket remote controls, wearers can choose their preferred program and volume level discreetly and comfortably.



All Orion models can be programmed via Connexx 7. There are two options:

Programming via adapter:
Orion RIC, S, M and P models can be programmed using a programming adapter connecting the hearing instruments to the computer. Just plug it into the battery compartment and the hearing instrument is ready for programming.


Wireless fitting via ConnexxLink.
With ConnexxLink™ programming is completely wireless and most comfortable for wearers and fitters. Its Bluetooth® wireless capabilities allow for maximum transmission distance.