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Siemens hearing instruments with tinnitus therapy feature.


Solutions for tinnitus

The tinnitus therapy feature in detail:

  • Separate therapy signal generator
  • Four pre-programmed therapy signals: white noise, pink noise, speech noise, and high-tone noise
  • Individual fine-tuning of therapy signal program for up to 20 bands
  • Three operating modes: microphone signal only, therapy signal function only, mixed mode

Learning to cope with tinnitus.

Even if no specific cause is determined, tinnitus can be treated. There are many options to help patients find ways to cope with their condition. This means changing habits and attitudes so that tinnitus no longer controls your everyday life. The term tinnitus management covers various ways of adopting a new approach to tinnitus.

Cognitive-behavioral tinnitus training, for instance, is very promising. Your personal mindset and feelings play a decisive role in this method. Training sessions with varied content promote self-help. Training focuses on targeted information, an analysis of the person’s behavior, practical exercises, and positive experiences. Cognitive-behavioral tinnitus training focuses on the following aspects:

  • Learning more
  • Changing habits
  • Relearning hearing

bookLearning more

  • Detailed explanation of the tinnitus symptom:
    – fact and fiction
  • Why is it so important not to listen to tinnitus, and what role is played by our emotions and inner feelings?
  • What role does stress play concerning tinnitus?